What would life be without girlfriends?


“Dude, my mother hates me!”
“Relax, you haven’t yet heard my father answer the call when my friends call. Makes me want to bury myself.”
*sudden alarmed expression*
“What’s wrong?”
“I think I left mom’s purse in the fridge.”
“Wait till she finds out.”



“Dude, he hasn’t called yet!”
“He is a moron, that’s why.”
“You think he likes me?”
“He’d be an idiot not to. I would totally date you.”
“I love you.”
“I wouldn’t kiss you though. Ew.”


“Dude, I am getting married!”

“Does he have any kind of vision at all?”
“It is better than yours. And he loves me a lot.”
“I don’t want to share you. But I will always be the happiest when you smile. I hope he will be worth it.”


From bra straps to boyfriends; from being unruly teenagers to clueless adults; from direction-less discussions about life to discussions that could teach Satan a thing or two, she saw and did it all with them.

They would laugh. Cry. Talk. Share. Yell. Ignore. Avoid. Confide. Teach. Learn. Protect. Fight with. Love. Hate. Miss. Worry. But never, ever let go of each other. Life, jobs, family, nothing matters. A phone call was all that was required.

True friendships see a lot of crises, and see each other through many of them. Sometimes in life, we forget innocence of childhood, the beauty of simple thoughts and attitudes, the sounds of birds, happiness at the sight of dripping chocolate and the joy of a free heart. They took her back to that place where all of this was real. They took her back to that place, where smiles were brighter than the Sun and needing a crutch was never a matter of shame.

Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friends never really knew what it is like being a girl with fabulous girlfriends.

She did.


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