The road less traveled.

The same road. The same travel. Some same songs on her phone. The same eagerness to reach that place.

She was once again running against time to reach that place. The place where innocence was lost, friends were found, promises were made for a lifetime, smiles were weighed on their brightness, love was bold and choices were easy. She was not one of those people who are habitually late, pushing everyone’s boundaries, adding more adrenaline to an otherwise mixed life. She was one of those people who never could realize where time flew. Each day she would coax time, challenging time to run a little slowly so that she could have a little more time with those memories.

Some roads take you down the memory lane, some become part of your existence. The best ones are found when we lose ourselves; much like falling in love. The best things in life always require a little effort, right?

She walks past the same windows, which are shut tight now, like a secret untold. The smell of his perfume wafts around her like a blanket. Or maybe she imagines it. It is hard to tell the difference when the lines are blurred. She wondered if the house was still the same; the smells, the sounds, the warmth. She wondered if he remembered the time spent together or if he is now a stranger. Years of not seeing each other or hearing each other, can it make someone oblivious to the other person’s existence?

Maybe, maybe not.

She wonders if he still remembers the shivers his touch sent to all of her body. Maybe he still fantasizes about her. Would he still hold her the same way he always did if they ever met again? She could almost see herself, holding onto him years ago through the same windows which were unyielding today. Maybe they will look into each other’s eyes and know. It was their secret weapon and their downfall, that kind of unsaid communication.

Love can always be felt, but sometimes, words are our only lifeboats.

For now, she looks at a bygone era. And wonders if life always plays games or she was a blessed one. Sometimes, sharing a sky can be enough. Sometimes, an eternity is not enough.



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