Will you, please?

If it is pieces of her you find lying across the floor,

do not grieve.

Do not make her feel like there is someone who cares,

if you are only going to bail and stare.

If you can, find her a little shade to rest her tired limbs and heart,

a little strength and fortitude to still go on and play her part.

She knows, it is not your burden to bear,

Loneliness and melancholy are not the best colours to wear.

Will you still hug her tight enough to feel her dreams and insecurities,

Let her stand on her own feet but stay around to watch while she does it?

She sees your fears locked in the folds of the skin under your eyes and the tight clenching of your jaws when you are not looking,

Do not worry, darling.

She may look frail, but her heart manages to push through most things.

You can choose to run, you can choose to hide;

She knows chose right.

And finally if you can, don’t show her your well-meaning sympathy.


It is not her fault; some creatures just cannot help it,

but stand out from the rest and never apologize.




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