There are times when we feel like we are meant to be alone, like every choice we have made culminated into a big mistake called the present. And maybe, we have created this entire world full of lights that shine hard yet full of vacuum. Science tells us that light cannot survive in a vacuum. Life tells us what a lie this is.

And maybe that is exactly what propels us into disbelief over one of our more primordial needs. Maslow tells us that needs follow hierarchies. Food, clothing and shelter first. Emotional needs later. But how do you justify the satisfied smile on the face of the kid who is begging outside my car even when his clothes are torn and no permanent roof over his head while I secretly weep over the loss of love and self respect behind the tinted windows of my sedan?

There will be times when we realize that despite all the status updates and romantically edited pictures, this world we have created is a facade and we have only created it to make sense of the emptiness within. It makes us bitter towards love, towards life, because that is what we are accustomed to believe. That love is something that comes only for the luckier ones. That happiness is an overvalued concept and good only for annual sales days. That the beauty of the smaller things can probably not compensate for the missing chunk of our heart.

So we keep on looking all our lives for that one thing that will in any way make our incomplete heart a little more complete in any shape, size, form. We search and hunt and covet the things that fulfill us, even if temporarily, and make us feel a little whole again, only to discover in the end that love was never meant to be received from one person.

It was always there, to be received with grace from every person ever who made us feel at home.



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