While life continues with it’s weird twists and turns, the universe always does us a favour if we do manage to read the signs. It may be painful, it may be humiliating, it may threaten to tear the very bedrock of your soul apart. But here’s the thing. Life moves on. And it moves on damn fast. In between all the turmoil, a little brilliance today, courtesy Mr. Ronaldo Patrocinio:

I tried to protect my world from touching yours, for I know the collision of our emotional atmospheres would ruin us both.

Because no matter how I try not to feel, no matter how much I try to hide or hold back this emotional turmoil that’s causing a tremor on my lips whenever you smile, I fear that to let it show — to let you know — would be the end of me: my soul in cataclysm, my mind in armageddon, my heart sucked in that black hole created by this encounter with you that I’m sure would shatter me to the very core.

But oh how I long to be near you enough, to feel you enough that for the tides of my passion to swell and ebb from time to time, waves of wishful dreams crashing on the shores of my eroding will. Someday I’ll fail, and my words will erupt. Someday I’ll fail, and continental storms will cross over and envelop both our worlds.

So let me, for the while, unfeel you. Let me, for this moment, be this distant world apart from you. Let me, for the meantime, assure you that even if I withhold from you my love, you would always have the entire worlds of my thoughts — both now and in my dreams.

You can read more of his awesome, mind bending, tear inducing talent in putting difficult emotions into words at: https://iamradical.wordpress.com/



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