So many questions.

Someone once told me that I ask too many questions for a girl. Bewildered, I asked again,”What is wrong with asking questions?”

And they said, silence is a virtue.

I don’t know how many questions a girl is allowed per day, but this pining heart knows it can’t rest without knowing if everything is okay. If you are okay. But, this silence that stretches between us like an unending valley of death, does it bring you any joy reminding you of seasons gone by? Does life still dance in the lights in your eyes or has it taken an unrecognisable form? Are you quiet when you need to be seen, heard and loved or do you talk about your needs like you did all those young nights? Do you still take your coffee black? Are you still in love with the dark? Would you still want to hold me like you mean serious business? Would you still want to share quiet sunrises? Do you want the wild nights again? Can you be patient and gentle again? Do you know how? Is there a quiet war raging inside of you? Do you remember who you were, before the world forced you to be?

Do you still think of me when you watch someone giggling hysterically? Does a piece of candy still ring bells? Does a fragrance make your hair stand on its edge like it does to me? Do you still like crazy women? Will you be able to let go or will you hold on until the prickly reality wears you down?

Space and time are an illusion, but will you let me take the pieces of you and keep them close? Will you try and find love again?

I know I have too many questions. Would you mind giving some answers?


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