The next big startup idea

I went to a store that sold startups, with an idea to change the world.

I told them we would sell the truth and make millions.

How would that work, they asked?

Surely, selling a vial of truth between so many lies could be a task.

I told them I had bottled separate flavours for everyone,

A separate kind of packaging to convince everyone under the sun.

For you see, each person had their own truth,

And each person believed in the righteousness of their belief without a doubt.

So the traditionalist had a flavour, strong at it’s core,

The progressive had a mellow flavour that brought his intentions to the fore.

The activist had a flavour composed of intellect and grit,

The artist got some notes of rainbows and banana splits.

The intellectual will covet a small vial of intelligence squeezed from centuries of hard work,

The philistine will love flavours of reality television blended with everyday quirks.

How will you market these flavours, they asked.

I told them it was hardly a task.

For you see, faith is a heady feeling capable of destroying careers and homes,

It makes reality seem like a misplaced syndrome.

All I have to do is market the truth with a some lies,

Repeat them until they sound like the absolutely wise.

And, voila!

Together, we will become the next big startup story.

You, me and our collective faiths, warring for glory.


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