I see you.

I see you.
I see you, with joy on your lips and empty, hollow eyes,
Talking about your latest shopping spree while –
Your heart steadily turns into a graveyard.
I see you.
I see you reaching out for desserts at every available opportunity;
Ignoring your waistline,
as your heart pleads you to get yourself through another day.
I see you,
from the other side of the mirror.
Where you put your wing tips before the time bomb your dreams have become,
And stuff some more chocolates to hide the anxiety within.
I see you.
I see your eyes spilling the secrets your fiercely guarded words don’t.
We are both on the same highway, darling.
The one that leads right to our personal hell.
I see you.
When the lights have dimmed, the spirits cease to flow and the silence kills, I still see you.
The smudged kohl dims your shine too, but know this my love:
Diamonds don’t need a sun. They are their own light and brilliance.

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