Dear December

Dear December,

It’s so nice to see you again; especially this year. I probably haven’t told you this ever, but you have always been my favourite, even more than January. It is only you who brings a fresh hope for new beginnings, new promises and a tiny hope that burns like a fire by the time you leave.

This year, let’s be kinder to each other, December. The parties will go on, the lights will eventually fade, the makeup, like a second skin, must be taken off at regular intervals. But we are going to exist irrespective of these, aren’t we? Let’s try and do it all again, December, one step every day.

They call you the month of miracles, but I know that is just excessive expectations. There are miracles everywhere, if we are willing to look.  And I know that the days will end and nights will too, one after the other like a never ending dance. There isn’t a greater miracle, the one that is called life. So, this year, let’s try and laugh with abandon.

Let’s find more reasons to stay the course, bleed, cry, shout and still fight.

Let’s eat to fill our heart than our stomachs, take pictures, make new friends, explore new places, and dance away all night.

Let’s breathe with every ounce of air our lungs can fill in and every bit of hope our hearts can build in. Let’s laugh until our sides hurt, steal chocolates and hearts, dress to kill and find little miracles along the way.

Let’s love passionately, even if it destroys us in return; for despite its failings, love still makes the world go round. Let’s find ourselves and pay attention to this beating heart that refuses to stop believing.

Let’s celebrate being a living, breathing, pulsating little beam of life that has a chance to make a difference every day.

Let’s be happy for the privilege to enjoy the smaller things.

Let’s live a little more.



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