Let’s reclaim our bodies

I know what you did. And I know it’s a secret you are trying desperately to hide. It wasn’t the half eaten sandwich or the untouched box of cookies that gave you away. It wasn’t even the wistful manner in which you saw our pictures or critiqued your jiggly bits that gave you away. It was your quiet trips to the toilet after every meal.

You did it for that boy who thought you were too fat for his liking.

You do it to remain guilt free about gorging on desserts to overcome depression because talking isn’t really helping.

You do it so that you can land the job you desire.

You do it because you really want to fit into the tiny skirt Deepika Padukone wore in the other movie and there isn’t anything more gratifying than constant likes on social media.

You do it because it’s not amusing to be called a variety of names that always mean fat every day.

But then, is throwing up your self respect into the toilet bowl everyday doing you any good, honey? How can you love anyone else, including life, if you cannot love yourself enough? I have been there. I know how it feels to look at your pictures and always feel like something’s missing. Like you can never be good enough, or never be the one people might aspire to be. But, know this: you are a human being, completely deserving of a full life despite how big or small you may be, or how cool or hot you may be perceived as. Your heart and your will are always going to be more important than your figure. I wish you would hold yourself to the same standards you would have held others and not trampled yourself underneath them. You see, most of what makes us is smoothed away online. But the real connections happen only by sharing the wrinkles.

Let’s make a choice to make people call us ten synonyms of genius instead of fat.

Don’t aim for the skirt, intelligence is hotter.

The right job will motivate you to learn more, attempt more and be more. The right boss will not tear you down but challenge you to achieve greater heights, for our greatest successes come from mentors who see us better than we do.

Stress eating may help. Finding things you love to do and continue doing them until you excel at them is unparalleled.

Finding love is amazing. But to be with someone who loves you back for all your faults and believes with all his heart that the sun shines brightest from the cracks in your heart is sacred. The right one will always be happy seeing you, like your presence completes his day and life and a fatter you will only mean a little more for him to love.

Let’s love ourselves a little more, shall we?


Image credits: https://img0.etsystatic.com/…/il_340x270.1058449078_ijqj.jpg



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