Never settle

To that girl struggling to hold on to her self esteem before love:
There isn’t a greater tragedy than believing that you cannot save yourself.

Your eyes tell stories. Stories of horror, regret, pain and sometimes, peace. You celebrate a day that has risen bright in your head and drown in torrential rain on other days. It’s exhausting, being at least two people every day. Someday you will be a fighter, some day a pillow, sometimes a punching bag but mostly, striving hard to be yourself. And it is exhausting. It’s so tiring to not be able to ask for what you know you deserve. Its far worse to watch quietly as you give away bits of you to everyone and watch them crush it or make fun of it in return because some things are difficult for people to comprehend. Love and beauty are abused terms.

But remember this like your life depends on it, because it truly does, love: Remember to never settle.

Do not settle for the person who buys you dinner expecting favours or for the person who likes the way you dress.

Do not settle for the one who does not share dreams but laughs at your jokes.

Do not settle for attraction or a good conversation with no intent to stay.

Do not settle for lust without love.

Do not settle for a candle when you were taught to love the sun.

Do not settle because of time when you know that love is patient. Please do not settle because there is someone out there who refuses to settle, and you are worth so much more. You are worth a heart that accepts you for you, eyes that look at you in wonder and love that never fades.

As an idealistic teen, I always thought there was heroic glory in fighting for love. I now know that there is nothing more tragic than trying to convince people of your love.


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