10 things I want to tell the angry girl in need of a little balm:

1. Ask for answers. It’s always a no until you ask. And if someone tells you not to ask too many questions because you are a girl, tell them intelligence doesn’t need gender-based crutches.

2. You are in the business of living. Put one foot ahead of the other everyday and for God’s sake, stop worrying about the future. There will be plenty to worry about later on. You may not be there yet, but I have found that it does eventually get you where you are supposed to be.

3. Learn to love yourself. You cannot understand the price of true love without understanding what self respect, pride, the courage to find yourself and to save yourself costs.

4. If you must choose, always choose to chase the light. There is a big world hiding just outside of where we live, right outside our comfort zones. People will tell you that there are rules; there is only one world and only one way to see it. Prove them wrong with the magic in your heart and the light in your eyes.

5. You will outgrow more things than your clothes. Homes, relationships, jobs, feelings. Remember, your growth is not tragic. Don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. Staying at a place you don’t fit in anymore is the most tragic thing you can do to yourself.

6. Stop looking for inspiration; become one. There is nothing more gratifying than doing things that people thought you couldn’t do. Never stop looking at yourself with pride every morning in that mirror.

7. The wrong one will always say the right things to melt your heart while the right one will be painfully shy and absolutely clueless about what to say. Stop being a drama queen and look for the intentions, not the actions.

8. Be odd, random and fierce. Listen to your heart but don’t ignore the brain. Don’t fear anything except complacency. Emotional, physical and moral complacency have ramifications that are not quantifiable and unstoppable.

9. Every loss can be overcome easily except the loss of a smile and a will. Hold on to it with all your strength and fight for it like your life depends on it, because it does.

10. Treasure loyalty and kindness like you would your M&M’s. The most underrated values are often the ones that turn the tides.



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